Era Green, LSW

I have a strong passion and desire to help others reach their greatest potential. Personal traumas and daily stressors can impede a healthy sense of well-being. Using a strengths perspective, I believe that I can help guide my clients to achieve a sense of empowerment. Within this framework, I can meet the clients where they are in their personal journey, and help guide them on the path to wellness.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Social Work, both from Loyola University in Chicago. I have a history of working with children/adolescents and their families in an inpatient and outpatient setting. In addition to this, I have worked with individuals struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders, Relational/Marital Conflict, and Trauma.

Not every approach is right for every individual, so we will work closely together to formulate a plan that feels right. I will help my patients create healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can ultimately see themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe.