Lisa Mayer Levy, LCSW

Lisa Mayer Levy has been practicing individual, group, and family therapy with adolescents, young adults, and adults for 22 years. Her objective is to help people feel better about themselves and each other. She teaches healthy coping skills, which are major assets to dealing with a majority of life issues. She specializes in ADHD, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. Lisa assists in educating her clients about their diagnosis, helps develop healthy cognitive patterns and teaches healthy coping skills. She also assists her clients in developing behavioral and cognitive strategies to reduce anxiety and depression. ADHD clients are assisted in creating structured, routine, consequences, and rewards. Clients struggling with chemical dependence are assisted in beginning their recovery program.

    After receiving her MSW from Loyola University, Lisa spent one year of her post-graduate training with The Institute for Juvenile Research Family Systems Program. She is affiliated with the National Association of Social Workers, and attends seminars for ADHD, anxiety, chemical dependence, and depression. She has also consulted with therapeutic day schools, provides group therapy, and lectures both teachers and students on various topics involving her specialties.