Wendy McCarty, LMFT, CHT

My therapeutic focus includes treatment of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, as well as more common issues dealing with emotional regulation, resilience, and anger management. I specialize in the treatment of shock and trauma and its relationship to depression, anxiety, addiction, and other unwanted emotions and behaviors. I use a unique blend of evidence based treatment, Somatic Experiencing, (release of shock and trauma from the subconscious and physical body) and Hypnotherapy, into the therapeutic process in order to help release and heal emotional wounds.

I have earned post -graduate degrees in the following fields of study: A Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, (better understood as the psychology of the soul.) I love to work with individuals, adolescents, couples and families to restore healthy family dynamics. By uncovering and reversing faulty negative self-judgments, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of the authentic self. My goal to enhance the self-regulatory skills needed to live a full and purposeful life.

In recent years I have worked at Highland Park Hospital's Adolescent Psychiatric In-Patient unit and The Child and Adolescent Family Recovery Center's Intensive Outpatient Program, as well as being in private practice for the last 10 years.